Fee Guide

Examination & Diagnosis – all initial digital x rays included in fee Euro
Consultation – Root Canal Treatment €100 -150
Consultation – Dental Implants / Advanced Restorative Treatment €150
Tooth Restorability Assesment – per tooth €250
Dental Hygiene & Gum Treatment
Preventative treatment – per visit €90
Advanced Gum Treatmentper visit €320
X – Rays
Small €40
Large (OPG + extra oral bitewings) €80
CBCT (per scan) €160
Root Canal Treatment (includes all digital x rays)
Incisor from €700
Premolar from €800
Molar from €900
Crown & Bridgework
Cast Gold Post & Core €600-€900
Bonded Crown / Ceramic Onlay €950-€1100
Ceramic crown €1100
Dental Implant (Straumann / Nobel Biocare)
Surgical Implant Placement (excluding grafting procedures) €1380-€1950
Restoration of implant €1380-€1950
Restorations – (provided using rubber dam technique where possible)
Tooth coloured (simple technique – Advanced Aesthetic Technique) €200-€600
Silver Amalgam – (high strength capsule) €180-€300
Dentures – (Acrylic Transitional) €550-€900
Surgical Tooth Removal (prior to implant placement) €320-€400

Prescriptions are not charged for as a separate item & will only be given following consultation and/ or treatment

Each patient is individual & so is each treatment plan. The fee schedule is discussed prior to commencement of treatment and a written treatment plan will be provided for complex work.

Fees may vary depending on the degree of difficulty / complexity of the work.

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