Who we treat

Dr Lynn mainly treats adults and teenagers & deals primarily with issues relating to permanent teeth, or retained baby teeth in adults. Permanent teeth usually are present in the mouth from age 6. Children of this age & under who require complex dental treatment are normally seen by a specialist called a paedodontist.

Dr Dunne treats adults or teenagers whose facial development is complete. Children or teenagers, who have suffered trauma (sports related or otherwise), are often seen at an earlier stage, for long term treatment planning.

The treatment of children who are missing teeth (sports related injury or developmental) requires a team approach with input from the general dentist, orthodontist & restorative dentist. These children are best seen at an early stage by the restorative dentist (Dr Dunne) who is responsible for the overall plan. If dental implants are planned then the orthodontist will be asked to place the adjacent teeth & their roots in specific areas for the best aesthetic + functional result.